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Why Pick? Why rdbms?

It works, it doesn't fail, it is fault tollerant, it is quicker than anything else you use, it costs less, it is global.

It is used by major global corporations, governments, Police, Ambulances, Fire, Central and Local governments, Banks, Hospitals, Health, mission critical e.g. Airlines, and NASA (space shuttle).

It is used in construction of roads, buildings, and the infrastructures of cities. China has millions of licences. It outstripps every other operating system, language, and database on UNIX

It is the choice of the rdbms professional

It is multilingual, globally used, and hidden away, at the back of the shop in more locations than you could possibly realise.


WBeachrunner Ltd are Pick experts. We have been since 1979. Our pedigree is shown in our references.


From Virgin, and Donaldson Corporation in the US, EMEA, and Aus, to HCL and Hexaware in India, Civica in Australia, Russian and EMEU aerospace,  and Local/Central Governments around the globe, our software is used everywhere (including underwater, polar - both, and extra-terrestrial). We started in Courtaulds 1979, and are currently exaware (2019).


To develop systems that the user wants to use.

Make the user experience one that the developers are proud of.

Ensure that the corporate profile is enhanced.

Keeping our eyes on the bottom line - all of the time,


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  • merry.player@gmail.com
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  • UK based,but globally active and in use.